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The Staten Island AC's
Vinny Hutton / Kurt Steiner Fun Run Championship Race

3 Mile
Fun Run

July 31, 2021



Dave Michaels and Isabelle Cammayo were the winners of the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park.  Michaels covered the 3-mile course in 17:52, while Vinny Stasi (17:59) and Carlos Pineiro (18:05) placed second and third for the men.
Cammayo won the women's race in 20:48, with Amy Eshleman (25:35) and Chre Soto (26:52) finishing second and third for the women.
Dave Michaels 17:52
Vinny Stasi 17:59
Carlos Pineiro 18:05
Craig Johnsen 19:04
Mohammed Lahseni 20:02
Isabelle Cammayo 20:48
Rob Longo 20:50
Joseph Pira 21:03
Anthony Pugliese 21:31
Eddie Lydon 24:21
Jomart Joldoshev 24:56
Robert Genco Jr. 25:02
Terry O'Brien 25:29
Amy Eshleman 25:35
Chre Soto 26:52
Josepha Malvoisin 32:11
Sunil Parab 32:33
John Tiernan 32:35
Janice Gross 34:04
Gina Bauer 34:04
Wayne Kalish 34:18
Cesare Lucido 38:07
Joe Jones 40:49
Angela Conte 46:01
Margaret King 46:01