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3 Mile
Fun Run

June 5, 2021



Carlos Pineiro and Nicole Macri were the winners of the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park.  Pineiro covered the 3-mile course in 18:21, while Craig Johnsen (19:56) and Martin Larrosa (20:08) placed second and third overall.
Macri won the women's race in 20:24, with Amy Eshleman (26:26) and Kiera Kasparian (26:27) finishing second and third for the women.
Carlos Pineiro 18:21
Craig Johnsen 19:56
Martin Larrosa 20:08
Mario Reyes 20:22
Nicole Macri 20:24
Andy Cross 20:39
Ian Tabolt 20:59
Eddie Lydon 23:57
Brian Scanlon 24:01
Aidan Kasparian 25:21
Amy Eshleman 26:26
Kiera Kasparian 26:27
Charlotte Kasparian 26:31
Cheryl Kasparian 26:31
Chre Soto 27:18
Jen Thomas 27:18
Ray Kitchen 29:05
Drew Fiorello 29:27
Susan Proce 29:55
Tom Hogan 32:01
Yolande Rose 33:06
John Tiernan 33:08
Natalya Chaldysheva 33:15
Josepha Malvoisin 34:25
Brian Thomson 36:36