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3 Mile
Sober Up Run

January 1, 2021



Dave Michaels and Melissa Kraker were the winners of the annual SIAC New Year's Day Sober Up Run at Clove Lakes Park, each claiming a bottle of champagne as top prize.  Michaels covered the three mile course in 17:17, while Jose Davila (17:38) and Dave Carles (17:40) placed second and third overall.
Kraker won the women's race in 19:14, with Jen Marano (20:47) and Isabelle Cammayo (20:49) finishing second and third for the women.
Paul Heck and Maeve Heck won bottles of cider as winners in the male and female youth divisions.
Dave Michaels 17:17
Jose Davila 17:38
Dave Carles 17:40
Mohammed Lahseni 17:51
Melissa Kraker 19:14
Fidel Neria 20:42
Jen Marano 20:47
Cliff Wilford 20:48
Isabelle Cammayo 20:49
Michael Batten 21:38
Crescencio Diaz 21:46
Maeve Heck 21:56
Paul Heck 22:01
Maria Vanessa Conde 22:43
Eddie Lydon 22:55
Christopher Di Niso 22:56
Neida Cristina Emerson 23:22
A-Born Etchison 24:04
Doug Auer 24:20
Kathleen Heck 25:01
Carmen Garcia 26:17
Carmela Supacela 26:17
Cherrie Chong 26:28
Tom Hogan 26:54
Vincent Kraker 27:01
Abdul Amunikaro 27:38
Rommelle Chin 27:52
Sabrina Kraker 28:04
Robert Genco Jr. 28:43
Don Tierney 29:01
Robert Genco 29:10
Yolande Rose 30:15
Anthony Catania 30:51
John Tiernan 32:42
Natalya Chaldysheva 34:45
Jacky Lee 36:20
Lynn Decker 36:24
Lisa Swan 41:03
Angela Conte 57:01