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3 Mile
Kurt Stein/Vinny Hutton Fun Run Championship

June 29, 2019


Gregg Brown and Jennifer Tabbitas were the winners of the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park.  Brown covered the three mile course in 21:06, while Jeff Benjamin (21:15) and Eddie Lydon (22:44) placed second and third overall.
Tabbitas won the women's race in 26:06, with Debra Mahr (26:17) and Bonni Moss (31:10) finishing second and third for the women.
Gregg Brown 21:06
Jeff Benjamin 21:15
Eddie Lydon 22:44
A-Born Etchison 23:35
Scott LaMorte 24:05
Philip Tabbitas 24:27
Raymond Rivera 24:40
Eric Michaels 25:59
Jennifer Tabbitas 26:06
Anthony Catania 26:17
Debra Mahr 26:17
Larry Moss 28:05
Jim Hepworth 28:48
Wayne Kalish 29:55
Bonni Moss 31:10
John Tiernan 31:13
Al Nilles 34:24
Colin Moskewitz 36:00
John Michaels 37:14
Dave Michaels 37:16
Lynn Decker 38:04
Camille Lazar 42:00
Monica Leide 54:48
Angela Conte 54:48
John Leide 54:48
Kathy Mezzano 56:20
Jeannie Rowan 56:20
Marie Garone 56:20