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The Staten Island AC's

3 Mile
Fun Run

May 27, 2017

Antonio Massa and Pat O'Brien were the winners of the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park.  Massa covered the three mile course in 20:27, while Joe Opulski (21:15) and Scott LaMorte (21:42) placed second and third overall.
O'Brien won the women's race in 23:58, with Amoy Barnes (24:36) and Jen Thomas (24:58) finishing second and third for the women.
Antonio Massa 20:27
Joe Opulski 21:15
Scott LaMorte 21:42
Pat Mooney 23:33
Craig Johnsen 23:53
Pat O'Brien 23:58
Jack McGarry 24:08
Amoy Barnes 24:36
Jen Thomas 24:58
Paul Heck 25:29
Ray Kitchen 25:56
Maria Torres 26:11
Vlad Kopp 26:25
Chre Genao 26:29
John Tiernan 28:37
Kathleen Heck 29:19
Pushaen Gunasinghe 30:00
Lisa Ricca 30:27
Jennifer Tabbitas 30:27
Wayne Kalish 31:00
Corey Ferretti 32:27
Mark Vogt 32:28
Jennifer Marzella 32:38
Camille Lazar 41:00
Angela Conte 43:23
Monica Leide 56:45
John M. Leide 56:45