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The Staten Island AC's

3 Mile
Fun Run

June 1, 2013


David Michaels and Kara Goolman were the winners of the weekly SIAC Run for Fun at Clove Lakes Park. Michaels covered the three mile course in 19:36, while Ryan Hepworth (19:40) and Scott LaMorte (20:43) placed second and third overall.
Goolman won the women's race in 23:18, with Consuela Corretje (30:02) and Lisa Rigolini (30:12) placing second and third for the women.

David Michaels 19:36
Ryan Hepworth 19:40
Scott LaMorte 20:43
Richie Orazem 20:51
Tom Beck 21:51
Tom Bednarczyk 22:06
James Bowden 22:29
Vlad Kopp 22:45
Sean Acosta 23:09
Kara Goolman 23:18
Hal Goolman 23:19
Paul Acosta 23:28
Brian Rowan 23:31
Raymond L. Rivera 24:35
Etan Goldberg 25:28
Consuela Corretje 30:02
Lisa Rigolini 30:12
Larry J. Araneo 31:00
Katie Fischer 31:06
Anita Weisenfeld 31:45
Cesare Lucido Jr. 32:59
Cesare Lucido Sr. 33:11
Donna Johnson 36:04
Neal Lauro 39:01
Cheryl Obey 43:59
Angela Conte 43:59
Lisa Swan 49:00
Joseph Bosch 51:00
Eileen Bosch 51:00
Kathy Mezzano 57:02
Jeannie Rowan 57:02.