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The Staten Island AC's

3 Mile
Fun Run
Clove Lakes Park

July 16, 2011

2nd Race of the Steve Lauria Fun Run Series


A beautiful day with outstanding performances by Scott Lamorte and Isaac Rivera, a One-Two punch in 17:26 and 17:36. Gus Stanzione ran a steady race in 18:53 for Third. On the women’s side, Valerie Mondiello led the way with a 20:28, 2nd went to Rockets President, Trish Mulligan, 21:43 and Third to Maggie McCauley in 22:17.

A special cheer went out to Angela Conte as we serenaded her on her 49th Birthday. Thanks to Lisa Rigs for the cake.

Finally, to promote good interclub relations, the first of hopefully many Softball games between SIAC and the Rockets was played afterward. Stellar defense and hitting by Brian Rowan led to a the way in a close SIAC victory. Trish Mulligan pitched well for the Rockets and called out SIAC President Mark Vogt and proceeded to hit a screaming liner over his head for a base hit. Nice job Trish. Refreshments were served afterwards with a nice intergroup picture afterward. What’s next, Bowling?  

Race results:

Scott LaMorte                                  17:26

Isaac Rivera                                    17:36

Gus Stanzione                                18:53

Jason Paderon                                19:04

Frank Bosa                                      19:20

Eugene Salidis                                19:20

Mario Ricca, jr                                 19:24

David Outlaw                                   19:57

Mark Vogt                                        20:06

Valerie Mondiello                             20:38

Matthew Ferretti                               20:40

Jason Hart                                        20:47

Adam Colasuonno                            20:51

Tom Bednarczyk                               20:58

Ed die Lydon                                      21:07

Billy Werner                                       21:12

Brian Rowan                                      21:13

Charles Tripodi                                  21:15

Ed Carter                                          21:18

Michelangelo Ricci                           21:34

Patricia Mulligan                               21:43

Isaac Kovnator                                 22:11

Maggie McCauley                             22:17

Patrick Mitchell                                  22:33

Ellen Brennan Hearn                         22:42      

Charlie Marchese                              23:30

Al Nilles                                             23:29

Raymond Rivera                               23:40

Chris Gerlash                                    25:18

Tom Mazy                                         25:25

Brigid Howley-McGinley                    26:47

Steve Yoo                                          26:57

Zack Erkman                                      27:07

Kathy Truscelli                                    27:25

Bob Wisner                                         28:10

Larry Araneo                                       28:50

Ray Butler                                           28:51

Yessica Herrera                                  29:04

Jen Thomas                                        29:12

Gina Noce                                           29:30

Jessica Surowiec                                29:33

Katherine Callan                                 29:33

Anita Weisenfeld                                 30:26

Donna Johnson                                   30:49

Cesare Lucido                                     33:07

Tony Celentano                                   33:13

Stefani Ferretti                                     38:35

Angela Conte                                       38:40