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3 Mile
Sober Up Run

January 1, 2010

By Dave Panza 

Joseph Brancale and Lorraine Brancale were the winners of the SIAC New Year's Sober-Up Run at Clove Lakes Park.  Joseph covered the three mile course in 16:15, narrowly defeating Andrew Blaich (16:20).  Dave Dorsey (17:34), Joseph Joob Brancale (17:49) and Ryan Hepworth (18:38) rounded out the top five overall finishers.
Lorraine won the women's race in 20:36, while Karen McNamara (24:00) outlasted Lisa Galasso (24:05) for second place.  Maggie McCauley (24:30) and Lisa Shammas (25:29) placed fourth and fifth for the women.
Joseph and Lorraine Brancale received awards as the first finishers under 21 years of age, while Andrew Blaich and Karen McNamara received awards as the first finishers 21 years of age and above.

Click here to view a video report of the Sober Up Run from NY1

Name Time Sex
Joseph Brancale 16:15 M
Andrew Blaich 16:20 M
Dave Dorsey 17:34 M
Joseph Joob Brancale 17:49 M
Ryan Hepworth 18:38 M
Christian Jackson 18:45 M
Scott LaMorte 19:37 M
Ronnie Como 19:40 M
Lorraine Brancale 20:36 F
Scott Sugarman 21:55 M
Eddie Lydon 21:58 M
Don Tierney 22:34 M
Brian Rowan 22:57 M
John Britz 23:04 M
Joe Feldstein 23:19 M
Imran McNamara 23:20 M
John Gonzalez 23:40 M
Jim Hepworth 23:45 M
Bob Polchinski 23:56 M
Gene Galasso 23:57 M
Karen McNamara 24:00 F
Lisa Galasso 24:05 F
John Tiernan 24:17 M
Maggie McCauley 24:30 F
Adrian Granobles 25:10 M
Yulo Miranda 25:12 M
Fred Rigolini 25:18 M
Matthew Lydon 25:23 M
Lisa Shammas 25:29 F
Jonathan Berrero 26:25 M
Ray Butler 26:35 M
Chris Hepworth 26:39 M
Sarah Gardner 26:45 F
John Wowk 26:54 M
Bethany Claps 27:23 F
Amy Eshleman 27:34 F
Jason Hart 27:34 M
Nancy Wagner-Wetzel 27:44 F
Lisa Rigolini 27:52 F
Jan Gross 28:10 F
Ellen Brennan Hearn 28:10 F
Willie Abell 28:14 M
Kathy Truscelli 28:29 F
Wayne Kalish 28:50 M
Raoal Edwards 29:15 M
Tom Wall 29:20 M
Tony Celentano 29:21 M
Patrick Young 29:38 M
Michael McNamara 30:05 M
Larry J. Araneo 30:05 M
Ruth Liebowitz 30:19 F
Matthew McNamara 30:30 M
Cesare Lucido 34:57 M