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3 Mile Fun Run

December 6, 2003

By Lisa Rigolini

I realize that some people think runners are a little crazy, so I guess we proved them right today. As we made our way to the start, Maggie spoke a little too soon when she mentioned that she thought it would feel a lot colder than it did. As we started out, a chill wind greeted us on the path as Old Man Winter continued to make his presence known.

Blanketed in pure white snow, Clove Lakes turned into a beautiful winter wonderland.

Knowing he would have been there today no matter what, Steve Lauria must have been smiling down on us or maybe even laughing a little as we thought back to the snow storm of December 2000 when Steve officiated at the fun run for a few other insane runners.

Thank you to Mark for picking me up in his 4 wheel drive. Also, another special thanks to Mark and Charlie for waiting for Maggie and I before they crossed the finish line so we could all finish together. I was just a little disappointed that there was no Gatorade at the finish. Where were you Fredo?? One final note, the back parking lot was open today!!! GO FIGURE!!!

Place	Name				Time	
1	Jason Hart                  	23:22
2	Mark Vogt                  	30:51
2	Charlie Marchese      		30:51
2	Maggie McCauley     		30:51
2	Lisa Rigolini               	30:51
2	John Wowk                 	30:51