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3 Mile Fun Run

February 15, 2003

By Mark Vogt

On another frigid Saturday morning, Jeff Benjamin won the SIAC's 3 mile Fun Run in a time of 18:15. Benjamin trailed second place finisher Scott LaMorte for the first 2.5 miles but sped past LaMorte in the last 1/2 to score the victory. Lamorte finished in 18:24. Mark Vogt, Gene Galasso and Frank Connelly finished seconds apart for the third through fifth spots.

With the win, according to Jeff, he has won at least one Fun Run in each year since 1981. We believe this is a SIAC record, but if anyone has surpassed this feat let us know.

On the Women's side, 10 year old Christine Connelly battled Alma Ramos on the icy course and pulled out a victory in a time of 23:32. Alma finished in 24:32.

The 3 mile loop, looking like Antarctica of late, has become a obstacle course recently with many patchy ice spots at several locations. To make matters worse runners were distracted by 1) a Park's department employee drilling a hole in the ice on Martlings Pond, we presume to measure the thickess of the ice or maybe to find the remains of the infamous Sal Perry or Tommy Tucker 2) A pile of Horse manure near the start and 3) according to several runners but not witnessed by this reporter, the carcass of a frozen, presumed to be dead , one armed squirrel (do squirrels have arms?) lying on the race course. After hearing of this Tim McCauley suggested that some Bailey's should be available with the complimentary SIAC coffee to aid those distressed after witnessing the DOA squirrel. Not a bad idea.

A friendly reminder to all competitors who sign in at the start, please remember to record your finishing time on the sheet. A Fun Run Coordinator called out to Heywood Jablome and Nancy Gross who failed to put their times down but to no avail, we had to give them DNF'S.

2003 SIAC membership renewals have been mailed out so please send them back in as soon as you can. This will allow us to get our rosters up to date. If you are interested in joining SIAC, to experience all the excitement listed above, you can sign up or get an application at the Saturday morning Clove Lakes Fun Run.

Upcoming dates to remember:
Sunday, March 9 - Forest Avenue Mile
Saturday, March 22 - SIAC St. Paddy's Day 5k, Wolfes Pond Park
Applications for the above races available at www. sirunning.com

Place	Name			Time	Pace	
1	Jeff	Benjamin	0:18:15	0:06:05
2	Scott	LaMorte		0:18:24	0:06:08
3	Mark	Vogt		0:19:42	0:06:34
4	Gene	Galasso		0:19:44	0:06:35
5	Frank	Connelly	0:19:45	0:06:35
6	Kenny	Pickell		0:19:57	0:06:39
7	Richie	Orazem		0:20:52	0:06:57
8	John	Wowk		0:20:53	0:06:58
9	Tim	McCauley	0:20:57	0:06:59
10	Fred	Rigolini	0:21:05	0:07:02
11	Anthony	Skomina		0:21:37	0:07:12
12	Vito	Canova SR.	0:21:46	0:07:15
13	Tom	Basic		0:22:03	0:07:21
14	Andy	Burek		0:22:17	0:07:26
15	Iran	Colon		0:22:53	0:07:38
16	Juan	Rojas		0:22:54	0:07:38
17	Christine Connelly	0:23:14	0:07:45
18	Ray	Butler		0:23:24	0:07:48
19	Al	Garcia		0:23:30	0:07:50
20	Joe	McKeever	0:24:08	0:08:03
21	Alma	Ramos		0:24:32	0:08:11
22	Trevor	George		0:25:09	0:08:23
23	Pat	Mangus		0:26:06	0:08:42
24	John	T. Leide	0:26:41	0:08:54
25	Tony	Celentano	0:27:35	0:09:12
26	John	M. Leide	0:28:10	0:09:23
27	Heywood	Jablome	DNF	
28	Nancy	Gross	DNF